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Ok, I'm WAY, WAY behind on deals, so here we go:

4th, both
K85 AK874 K74 AT

Opps are silent. 1C-1H, 2C-?

We play that 2N here is a one round force, 3N is a picture jump, with 3=5=3=2, one of the top three clubs, and a quick trick in each of the other three suits. I knew pard didn't remember, so I tried 3N hoping some slam aspiration would get through anyway, and she passed with 7 Q9 A65 KQJ8752. On a spade lead to the ace I claimed 12 tricks. LHO offered that everyone would get to 6N. Sheesh.

4th, none

P-P-1N (10-12)-?

This player bid 2C Hamilton and, after a lucky not-pass from pard, the auction went:

P-(1N)-2C, 2D-4H, P

Dummy was JT53 A75 A762 J7

a) 7N is cold, so you be the judge
b) The play is quite interesting at matchpoints in hearts, since you can't unblock the diamonds before killing your side entry (hearts are 3-1). How should you play? A spade finesse? A squeeze? The real question is, would RHO psych more frequently with no high cards, or with a king or king and queen?

I haven't seen much of this subject in the literature.

4th, unfavorable
- JT Q8xxx KJT9xx


I thought it would be fun to double, and went +500 for +14 IMPs. Obviously our teammates had us covered.

4th, none
Axx KTx KJx KJT8

(1H)-P-1N, 2C-2D, 2N-3N, P

Now play it:

KTxx xxx AQTxx Q
Axx KTx KJx KJT8


LHO was 4=5=1=3, so on the run of the diamonds he had to find four pitches, successively slower until he popped out a heart. Then I led CQ for +400 and win 7 IMP.

4th, unfavorable
A AJxxx AQxxx Jx


I bid 4N and corrected 5C to 5D. Pard had something like xx Q Jxx AKQxxxx so I won the spade lead and led up to DJ. LHO ducked from KTxx and I scored 1S, 1S ruff, 1D, 2C, 2H (HK onside), 2H ruffs and trump endplayed LHO for a sweet +600. In case you hadn't noticed, 6C is cold for lose 13 IMPs. Tough to win a match when you lose 13 on your good boards.

1st, favorable
x xxxx xxx AQxxx

P-P-1S-2D, P-2N-P-3N, P-P-P

Pard led a small club (!) and dummy tracked a lot of winners with a stiff club. I returned my original fourth best club, declarer played his final club, the J, and pard went into a study! He decided my spot, the seven, was ambiguous and trusted LHO's auction so he ducked, playing me for a side entry. CJ was their tenth trick, amidst some cackling.

Long time readers already know the theme for the next deal:

1st, favorable
Qxxxx AQxx Kx Kx

1S-2S, 3H-3S, P

Pard thought 3H was a short suit game try (it wasn't) and signed off, then feared we'd missed game.

K9x KJ Txxx Qxxx
Qxxxx AQxx Kx Kx

DA was onside, so how do you play the trumps? I don't KNOW who has the ace. I don't KNOW who has the doubleton. So, I led small from dummy and won my queen. LHO, not a regular reader of this column, failed to unblock from Jx, so when I returned to dummy and led another spade, RHO hopped from ATx and BOOM I made +170. We WON THE MATCH BY ONE IMP!

Don't get carried away, it just meant 11 VPs.

Back to MPs.
4th, unfavorable
T54 AJ873 KT4 85

1N-2C, 2D-2H, P

2H showed a mild invite, pard pass, reasonably, leaving me to play 2H with:

72 K5 A763 AKQ97
T54 AJ873 KT4 85

They let me get a spade rough (trying to promote LHO's HQ9xx) but the clubs and diamonds broke, so I scored 3C, 2D, 1D ruff, HK, 1S ruff, then ruffed the good diamond low from HAJ8 in a classic endplay position, for +170 after LHO had to overruff and lead into my HAJ.

That's all for now...
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