Dec. 21st, 2007

We played a round against a Detroiter who came to visit for the NABC, picked up a national championship, and stayed to visit his kids. I mentioned I am a University of Michigan, Ann Arbor alum, and he said I might know his kids. I asked their age (not his last name, for some reason, but it worked out to be more interesting this way) and he said 48 and 52. I told him he's a nasty old man and he grabbed my arm.

Ok, that's not so bad. He even did it as a semi-joking, friendly gesture. Still, I just saw "I Am Legend" and he looks just like the CGI vampires and it...was...creepy.

And then his partner perpetrated this:

93 AT7532 9 AK42
KQ 6 AKQJ72 JT83
1H-2D, 2H-3C, 4C-4N, 5H-6D, P

She gave the appropriate, shocked expression when he bid 5H and she knew she had to go to slam off two key cards, but he had just been lying and everyone was happy.


7) 4th, both
Q876 A873 3 A763

1D-2C-2D-X, P-2N-P-3C, 3D-P-P-?

What now? Pard doubled for -670. I didn't play him for the FOURTH trump.

12) 1st, favorable
KQ7 AJ85 AQJ9 Q9

1C-P-1H-1S, 3H-P-P-P

Pard had J62 KQT6 642 853

I think 3H is a strong enough bid with a hand like this. Deep Finesse would make eight tricks in hearts on these cards. Pard asked for a review after the D5 lead, and LHO said:

1D-P-1H-1S, 3H-P-P-P. I felt weird pointing out that I'd opened 1C, so I didn't. I'm not sure whether I'm required to disclose that, especially to my partner.

Anyway, they kicked a trick, he kicked it back, and so on until he emerged -50. Oh, the hearts were 5-0.

16) 1st, unfavorable
KJT82 Q8 5 Q7542

P-P-2H-X, P-3D-P-3S, P-P-P

We defended well for +150. Please note that dummy held 954 542 KQ32 JT3 and had NO PROBLEM passing 3S. Sigh.

18) 3rd, favorable
QJ7542 542 A 982

Pard opened 1H, opps silent. Now what? Kokish told me it's not profitable to bypass good, five card spade suits. I extrapolated to decent six baggers and tried 1S. I can always bid 2H over 1N, then tell partner it was (or was not) constructive, depending on how many tricks he took.

Of course he wouldn't BID 1N. He tried 2C what? I tried 2H (it was matchpoints) and he made three.

Should I start by raising to 2H? It's easy to construct hands where that's wrong. Should I jump to 3H? Same problem.

28) 1st, favorable
4 KQ AJ83 QT9854

1C-1H, 2C-P

KT96 T732 KT54 A
4 KQ AJ83 QT9854

S2 lead, fourth best.

RHO broke diamonds, so the only question is how to play the trumps. I won the ace, got back to hand, and led the queen, catching the doubleton jack.

Yay! That's the first time I've ever had a correct play pay off. Note that guessing the doubleton king wouldn't have helped, since I'd still have to lose a trick to the Jxxx.



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