Oct. 10th, 2008 04:55 pm
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I met Les Bart at a nationals. He gave me a handout on his convention, and I'd heard good things about it, so I read a few Bridge World articles and decided to give it a try. I moved a few calls around, and here's what I play now.

a) 1S-1N is semi-forcing, so I can pass if I won't accept a balanced invite or a three card limit raise.

b) 1S-1N, 2C can be 5=3=3=2. 1S-1N, 2D promises four.

c) 1S-1N, 2C-2D asks opener to rebid as if I had a weak hand with at least six hearts. If he bids above 2H, it shows interest in game opposite that hand. If he bids 2H and I pull, different bids show different hand types (duh) and cancel the previous message.

d) 1S-1N, 2C-2H shows five hearts and another place to play (2 spades, 5 diamonds, 4 clubs or, maybe, 1=5=4=3). Opener pulls to 2S with short hearts, then responder tries another strain. 1S-1N, 2C-2H, 2S-2N shows 1=5=4=3, and wishes partner luck on finding a decent home.

e) If you have 1=4=5=3 you are in trouble. I recommend you pass 1S, even with a seven count, especially at matchpoints. I just watched some juniors land in their 5-1 spade fit, down three, and they were LUCKY because of the random pull from their 3-2 club fit! Seriously, if you're lucky pard will pass 1N, or rebid something other than 2C, or have at least four clubs. I'm not usually that lucky.

f) I prefer to play 1S-2N is game forcing, balanced. Then 1S-3C is a forcing raise, 1S-3N is a strong notrump, and 1S-1N, 2C-3N is the "Invite" with long clubs and 0-1 spade.

Here's what the bids through 3N mean. A "bid" of 2C after 1S-1N, 2C is really just a pass. Hope that's not too confusing:

Over 1SOver 1S-1N, 2COver 1S-1N, 2C-2D, 2H
2CGFTo play
2DGFMarionette to 2H
2HGFFlexibleTo play
2S3+ spades, about 7-102+ spades, about 5-72 spades, about 8-10
2N4 card game forcing raiseBalanced invite, 1-2 spades, 2-3 clubsBalanced invite, 4+ clubs
3CInvite, long clubs, 0-1 spade5+ clubs, about 8-95+ clubs, about 10-11
3DInvite, long diamonds, 0-1 spade6+ diamonds, weakInvite, long diamonds, 2 spades
3HInvite, long hearts, 0-1 spadeInvite, 6 bad hearts, 2 spadesInvite, long hearts, 2 spades
3S4 card limit raise3 card limit raise4-3-3-3, choice of games
3N13-15, flat, 3 spades6+ clubs, 0-1 spade, lots of shape, about 8-9"Invite", long clubs, 2 spades
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