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"Defend With Your Wife"

Get it? Like the Kantar book, Defend With Your Life. But it's a defensive problem from my wife. Oh, nevermind...

She played this at the club

3rd, unknown vul
Kx Jxx xxx Q98xx


2D was Flannery, four spades, five hearts, 11-14 HCP

She doubled, led a small heart, and saw this dummy:

xxx QT9xx Jxx Ax

T1: Hx-9-K-Cx -
T2: CJ-x-x-x -
T3: Cx-x-A-Hx -
T4: DJ-x-x-x -
T5: Dx-x-A-x -
T6: DK-x-x-x -
T7: DQ-Cx-Hx-Hx |
T8: ?

I objected to the duck at trick two, since RHO, while nutty enough to bid 3C on JTxxx, might not lead the jack on the first round from that holding. Regardless, it's your play to trick eight.

BTW, it was clear that she had taken the winning action at the table.

Declarer has six tricks pointed his way, and still has CKT. If I let him score both clubs and a spade, he'll make his contract.

Pard has shown ???? AKxxx xxx x and I haven't seen any spade honors. He has 4-7 points in spades, so either Axxx, AJxx, AQxx, or AQJx. If he has SAQJx we can cash four spades and I'll get a promotion at trick 12 for down two. If he has SAQxx, I'll ruff the fourth spade (or not) for for down one. If he has SAxxx we're going -470. But what about SAJxx?

I looked up, beaming, and announced I was cashing SK, then exiting a heart regardless of pard's attitude. That forces declarer to ruff (promoting my club as our third trick) and endplaying declarer into leading up to pard's spade holding (AQ or AJ) for down one. If pard has SAQJ, we'll get down two regardless.

Wife: -470. Pard had a minimum, with SATxx.
Len: Why this problem?
Wife: I set the contract.
Len: ?
Wife: I exited a heart, he played back SQ and I won. I exited a club and he had to lead up to pard's SAT.
Len: WHY didn't he cash CK?
Jo: I don't know.
Jo: ...
Len: And you give up on down two if pard has SAQJx
Len: \/
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